We Are Here To Be An Expression of Source – Kamini Desai at Sedona Yoga Festival

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Happening Now at AYI, Kamini Desai

Full Video Transcript:

So, I want to continue on this theme that we were talking about – which is – Why are we here?

And I want you to imagine I usually like to draw pictures, but you can draw a picture in your head.

I want you to imagine that the Source is like the depth of an ocean – a field of unmanifest potential – and out of that source arises all these different shapes of waves, like us, like trees, like nature, everything in manifest existence, all arising from the same source. And we – little us – are a little wave on that ocean, we’re a little unique piece of that big ocean of Source.

So here’s the thing and I want you to listen up, because this is really important. It’s actually about our whole life. It’s not just about a talk. It’s about the reason why we were actually put on this planet. And I want you to consider that most of us spend our lives waiting for the day that our lives will actually begin and we’re usually waiting for the time when things are perfect. And we have this little internal to-do list that when this list gets done, then my life will start. And we tell ourselves, “Yeah, when THAT’s done…” but guess what?

That list spontaneously re-populates, doesn’t it? And when we get it done there’s more stuff to do. And it’s almost as if we’re living as if: this isn’t our real life. This is our pretend life and when all that stuff is done, well, then my real life will begin. And we wait, and we fix, and we wait, and we fix and maybe around middle age, we kinda figure out: “Oh wait to minute – this is my real life”. And that’s when we started going, “Oh maybe I should buy the Porsche” because guess what? This is it. Right?

So, here’s the thing: it’s almost as if we spend our whole lives fixing, and waiting, and perfecting, but never asking ourselves, “What am I fixing for? What am I perfecting for? What am I dressing up this body for?” It’s kind of like having a car, going to it everyday and shining it up, you know, waxing it and fixing up all the things and never ever asking yourself: “What is this car for actually?” So, that we have actually never ever drive it.

Well, I suggest that this may be what we’re doing with us; that maybe in a certain land we’re waiting and we’re fixing and perfecting – just like with that car. but maybe we have never actually asked ourselves the question: “So, what am I actually here for?” And that questions means our life. It literally means our life.

So, if you come back to that picture of that wave on the ocean, it’s perfectly obvious that who we are here to be is an expression of Source. Obvious, right? That when we fully express this wave that each one of us is – guess what? We are expressing the Source as it moves through us

And here’s the thing: earlier up here we had instruments. There’s horns, there’s drums there’s flutes. These are all instruments. This is an instrument too (gesturing towards her body/self) and if you think of all these instruments: a flute, a drum, a horn, and this (body/self). When you think of a flute or a horn, you can see that there’s something that moves through it that has no quality of its own. And yet, when this thing most through it, it gives expression. And that thing is air (spirit), that thing is Source. This Source ( the Divine Source that we are) has no expression of its own. But when it moves through a flute, it makes a sound. A horn, another sound; a drum, another sound, and you, another sound.

And because of the way that each one of us are shaped: the personality that we have, the body of our past- all of these things form the instrument that we are. So that when the Source moves through the instrument that we are, it makes a unique sound that has never been, and never will be heard again. And that is the way that the Source – it’s unmanifest –  that the only way that it can manifest on this plane – is through us.

But there’s a catch, and the catch is very important because:

The degree to which we do not accept the instrument is the degree to which the source cannot manifest on this plane!

Because often what we are doing is we’re spending all our time comparing ourselves to other instruments.

“‘Well, how come I have to be a drum. I wanna be a flute!”

We look at somebody else and we wanna be like them. Well, you know what they got themselves covered. That sound has already been played- but nobody plays the sound of the essence- when the essence moves through you, it will forever be unique. But what it requires is owning it. Completely. In the totality of who you are.

And a lot of what we do is we come up with these really arbitrary, rather lame reasons not to be expressions of the Source.

“I’m too old to be an expression of source.”

“Can’t touch my toes can’t be an expression of the source.”

“Oh my business field. I can’t be an expression of the source.”

Really? That’s the reason you’re gonna give? We made it all the way into manifest existence and you’re, not gonna be an expression of the source because you don’t have enough hair on your head?


If we really look at it this way, we can see how kind of ridiculous. But there’s a good reason. I think. Because if we were busy with all this stuff, all the things that we think are wrong with us, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, our past, our mistakes, the disappointments,  the failures – whatever it isIf we weren’t so busy with that, we’d actually have to be busy with being expression of the Source.

And maybe Marianne Williamson nailed it. You know this quote?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

And to stop fooling around with that other stuff means that we actually have to own it. That we have to stop fiddling around with the instrument and be who we are. But we’re so busy becoming- we forget to be. And it’s not that you can’t continue to become but all along the way we stand in the totality that we are. We stand in the fullness of the instrument. And in that place we become an instrument of the divine.

So, if we wanna know, how do we bring more of the Source?. How do we bring Spirit onto this plane? The answer is very simple:

Accept, fully embody the totality of the instrument that you are.

Period. Not one day. Not yes, but.  Now, exactly as you are now. And as you continue to become, and now. And now. And what you will find is that there will be an enormous power that begins to move through you – that begins to spread to the people around you. And yes, the people on the other side of the planet will begin to feel it. But what is required for all of this to happen is to draw a line in the sand and stop trying to be something else. This is it.

Victory to the Spirit, Jai Bhagwan

Director of Education,
Author of  Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep

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