Planning Your Visit

When to Arrive and Depart:

Registration runs from 1 PM to 4 pm, the opening session is 4 pm, the closing session will be 12 pm or 12:30 pm on the final day. Arrive by 3 pm so you have time to register and make it to the opening session.

Ideally, the earliest you would make your outgoing flight from MCO or JAX would be a flight Departing at 5PM. It is a 90-100 minute drive from MCO or JAX to AYI and there are tolls to MCO.

Typical Student Schedule During Program:

Opening Day
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Registration
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Welcome Yoga
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Dinner
6:45 pm – 9:00 pm Evening Session

Full Program Days
7:00 am – 9:00 am Morning Yoga
8:30 am – 10:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Morning Session
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm Afternoon Session
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Evening Session

Last Day
7:00 am – 8:30 am Morning Yoga
8:30 am – 10:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am – 12:00 pm Closing Session
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch

Schedule may change from program to program.

I AM Wellness Center:

To treat yourself to a Healing service from one or our talented therapists in the I AM Wellness™ Center. Click here to view the menu of services we offer and book your appointment. We strongly recommend scheduling your appointment in advance so as to secure a spot as our therapists’ calendars fill up quickly! We suggest scheduling your service at least a week before your program begins so you receive your preferred treatment time. During our typical programs, you will have free time between 12:30-2 pm, 5:30-7 pm and after 9 pm. This may vary depending on the program.

What To Bring:

On-site laundry facilities are not available so please pack accordingly.

  • Towels/washcloth
  • Yoga Mat (if you are flying in and can’t get the mat in your suitcase, we have mats here for you)
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable clothing appropriate for movement, relaxation and the season: Jacket, shawl, sweater, layers recommend
  • Journal and writing utensil
  • Umbrella and/or raincoat (especially in summer)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing Suit (for the lake and nearby springs)
  • Breathe Rite Strips for those who snore
  • Earplugs for light sleepers
  • Flashlight
  • Alarm clock
  • Slip-on shoes
  • White clothing or other nice clothing for graduation (Mainly for programs with graduations or special occasions such as I AM Yoga®, I AM Yoga Nidra™, I AM Yoga Therapy™, Prana Awakening, etc).

We do not serve coffee on site so if that is a need for you please feel free to bring your own.

What Not to Bring:

  • Perfume or heavily scented lotion to avoid irritating those with allergies
  • Incense, candles, or anything flammable
  • Pets
  • Cell Phones: Please note that cell phone service is very spotty here in the middle of the Ocala National Forest unless you have Verizon, then you will have full service. If you do not have cell service during your stay we do have an emergency phone for use as well as WiFi. The WiFi password for all of the buildings on our campus is AmritYoga. Of course, we suggest you unplug during your visit with us and enjoy the tranquility around you.


The Amrit Yoga Institute does not provide transportation to and from the Amrit Yoga Institute and we are not liable for the transportation that you select.

The following is a list of drivers who are familiar with AYI. Prices may vary from the different providers. On average it is $125 one way per person (ranges from $100 to $150).

  • Balanced4Life, Inc, Patti Carpenter 813-451-9769 [email protected]
  • Titan Airport Ride Service, Alex Lucero 407-520-4120 [email protected]
  • Kajal Michelle Marino, 954-336-4595,  [email protected]
  • Bhagya Dina Maru, 303-204-8648, [email protected] – Will pick up at the DOTS Daytona Shuttle Daytona office Location and drive you to AYI. For The DOTS Daytona Shuttle, you can call 386-257-5411 to schedule the shuttle to pick you up from the Orlando airport and take them to the Daytona office location for $32 (need to call them at least 24 hours before your arrival to MCO). The reverse can happen if you wish to go back the same way.

Other Transportation:

  • – You can take a Greyhound bus (90 minutes) from MCO to the Ocala Bus Station – Hwy 326 W, Ocala FL. $50 each way
  •, 352-237-9900 $50 each way
  •, 352-241-2000 $50 each way

Then from Ocala to AYI (30 minutes), you can call a Taxi or ~$70 each way

Ride Share:

If you would like to coordinate a ride share with another who is traveling to/from A.Y.I. you may visit this public Facebook page:

The page was created specifically for ridesharing to and from A.Y.I. Simply click or copy and paste the URL into your search browser, or on Facebook search for “AYI Ride Sharing Group.”

Registration Policies

For All Programs

Amrit Yoga Institute may cancel a program at any time. If Amrit Yoga Institute cancels a program for which you are registered, you will receive a full refund. We will not refund travel costs.

For Online Programs (Live or Pre-recording): Tuition is non-refundable once purchased.   

For In-person Programs (OTR or at AYI): There is a non refundable $50 processing fee for each cancellation (moving a program from one program to another is considered a cancellation).

You may cancel by contacting the main office during business hours Monday – Friday 9 – 5 EST at 352-685-3001 or by emailing [email protected]

Cancellation prior to 24 hours:

$50 processing fee. All other payments may be refunded or held on account for three (3) years to use for future programs. If you do not use the monies held on account within three (3) years they will be given to the Amrit Yoga Institute as a tax deductible donation. You may request an official letter stating the amount of your donation.

Cancellation within 24 hours or early departure:

Cancellation received within 24 hours prior to start of program (or early departure or no call and no shows)

  • $50 processing and
  • The greater of minimum deposit OR Program Costs (percentage of days completed and expenses paid that will be deducted) and are non-refundable (such as manuals, cards, teacher payments, event payments, etc.). This would be determined at the time of cancellation.
  • Remaining monies beyond the administrative fee and program costs will be held on account (not redeemable for cash) for three (3) years to use for future programs. If it is not used within three (3) years the monies will be given to the Amrit Yoga Institute as a donation.
  • Please note that early departure also includes completing the immersion portion of a program and not returning for the certification portion if you have registered for both as one program.

Mental Health Disclaimer

Aspects of our programs are mentally and emotionally strenuous and require physical, mental and emotional stability in order to receive and practice the teachings in the way they were intended. Due to the cathartic nature of our programs, those with conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia and psychosis are required to be under the appropriate treatment for at least one year and submit written approval from a medical professional or case manager.

Cleanse Programs:

Cleanse programs have a slightly different cancellation policy due to the up front costs that we incur prior to the start of the program.

$50 processing fee. Your deposit is refundable up to 3 weeks in advance. After that your deposit is non refundable. All other payments are refundable. Minimum deposit is $250.

I AM Yoga Therapy™ 800 Hour Program:

1. Enrollment fee of $400 is non-refundable

2. Distance Learning and Residential Portion of the Program (follow the standard cancellation policy above for each program, treated as individual programs rather than one large program for the purpose of the cancellation policy)

Deposit Requirements: Depending on the program, either $100 or 15% of final cost at checkout.

All programs must be paid in full prior to your participation.
 Contact us if you need to discuss strategies for payment in multiple installments.

Register online
 for each individual program and make your reservation by credit card. Alternatively, e-mail [email protected] or call 352-685-3001.

Upon acceptance, you will receive an orientation packet including details about the curriculum, lodging, directions and other pertinent information. Enrollment in all programs is limited by accommodation space, so please register as soon as possible to guarantee your place in a program.


Continuing Education

NCBTMB Approved ProviderTo receive CE’s from programs at the Amrit Yoga Institute:

1. Review the list of Programs that the Amrit Yoga Institute provides CEU’s for and find the program that you wish to take at:

Click here to view a list of our CEUs

2. Register for the program.

3. Complete the online CEU Request Form including a $25 payment here.

4. Complete the program. Once the program is complete including payment in full we will email you a copy of your Program CEU Certificate(s) to be submitted by you to the organization that you have selected to apply for CEU’s (NCBTMB or Florida Board of Massage Therapists).

General Information:

NCBTMB Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) : The Amrit Yoga Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #450048-00. Courses offering approved Continuing Education hours are for personal self-care only. Visit for more information on continuing education requirements.

Florida Board of Massage Therapy CEU’s: The Amrit Yoga Institute offers continuing education through (CE Provider #50-16444) for the following: Florida Board of Massage Therapy. Visit for more information on continuing education requirements.

Yoga Alliance CEU’s:  Certificate from AYI not required.  You may register on your Yoga Alliance Dashboard.

The Amrit Yoga Institute is a Registered Yoga School (RYS 500) with the Yoga Alliance. Our Amrit Method of Yoga Level I Immersion and Teacher Training fulfills Yoga Alliance RYT-200 requirements. Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra Professional Training provides 90 contact hours towards certification as RYT-500. The remaining requirements can be fulfilled by taking Amrit Method of Yoga Level II Teacher Training, offered every other year.

In every three year period, Yoga Alliance requires that RYT 200 and 500 accumulate 30 CEUs, 10 of which must be through direct contact with a qualified yoga instructor. Visit for more information on continuing education requirements.


NCBTMB Approved Provider

To apply for a scholarship for a program at the Amrit Yoga Institute click the link below:

Apply online here.

MyCAA Scholarship

The Amrit Yoga Institute meets Department of Defense eligibility requirements for participating in the SECO Program’s MyCAA scholarship. This means that eligible Military Spouses can receive the following benefits:

  • Up to $4,000 in financial assistance from MyCAA.
  • Can be applied to help cover tuition costs for the following programs at the Amrit Yoga Institute:
    • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To learn more, contact Scott Abhay Arena, who is your Point of Contact (POC); 352-685-3001, Ext 320 or [email protected]

Learn More: MyCAA Fact Sheet!

Also see I AM Yoga® MyCAA Scholarship Program.

Refer A Friend

NCBTMB Approved Provider

How can you help spread the light?

“I want to inspire and encourage those whose lives have been deeply touched and transformed by the teachings to become an open channel and take this message of Light and Love into the world. For you to become an open, giving and receiving channel, you have to withdraw from your conditioned attachments and fears in yourself, others, and the life situations you face. As you spread and extend the message of Light, operating free from attachments to what you provide to the world, the Light of the Guru within shines brighter. As you become the extension and expression of Divine Love to the world, you will discover it is the same channel that feeds your inner Being. You are the Ambassador of the Divine Being.” -Gurudev Shri Amritji

By participating in the Refer-a-Friend program, not only do you help to co-creatively build a sustainable Conscious Community with like-minded people, you receive Account Credit for your referrals:

  • $75 for each 3-4 day program

  • $100 for each 5-7 day program

  • $200 for each 8-12 day program

  • $350 for each 20 day program

General Conditions for Refer a Friend Account Credits:

  • The Referral’s program must be completed and paid in full before the Referee Credit is issued.
  • First account credits must be used for Unpaid Balances on Referee’s account.
  • If no debt is owed, Referral Credits will be held on account for future AYI program use.
  • Can’t be used toward Services or Merchandise, unless 100% of the revenue from the service or merchandise goes to AYI.
  • Applies only to programs offered by AYI where AYI is doing the registration, known as “AYI programs”.
  • For AYI programs where AYI brings in a guest or OTR teacher and/or venue, only 50% of program tuition can be paid with account credits. This means the Referee would need to pay for the remaining portion of the program.
  • Applies only if Referee sent registrant to “First Program” at AYI and Referral (registrant) acknowledges referee at time of registration.
  • Only one Referee per Referral.
  • No expiration date on account credit.
  • Can be transferred to friends and family.

For more information about our Refer-a-Friend program, please call our main office at 352-685-3001.

About our nonprofit

The Amrit Yoga Foundation, Inc. generates funding through private donors and program revenue to create a spiritually charged environment for rejuvenation and introspection, and to conduct further programming that delivers ancient spiritual approaches to address the underlying cause(s) of stress.  We provide these essential educational and therapeutic services to those most in need, in pursuit of our mission to contribute to a global community dedicated to embodying and transmitting the authentic wisdom and experience of yoga to further the evolution of humanity. The Amrit Yoga Foundation is a 2018 gold-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. You can view our profile and download a full report of on here.

Additionally, in service of our mission we offer scholarships to those most in need to attend our educational programs and with the intention of empowering these individuals to change their lives and bring these unique lifestyle skills to support their communities. We are proud to have been able to award 247 individual partial or full scholarships to our programs in 2017, cumulatively over $55,000.

We thank you all of our community and donors for their continued support and meaningful contribution to our mission and vision!

***The Amrit Kala Online Shop is not an agent of the Amrit Yoga Institute. It is an independent corporation which is authorized by the Amrit Yoga Institute to sell certain educational and yoga lifestyle products approved by the Amrit Yoga Institute.