Balance Your Energy With Hatha Yoga

Anatomy of Energy The energy system of the body consists of the chakras and in the center of the chakras there is a central channel called the Shushumna. There are 2 sides of this energy system called Pingala and Ida and when they are in balance the energy moves to...
3 Yoga Poses for Anxiety Relief

3 Yoga Poses for Anxiety Relief

Yoga is not just good for your body. Every time you practice yoga, you are building your immunity to anxiety and stress. Here are the 3 best yoga poses for anxiety relief.

Gentle 60-minute Yoga Class Anyone Can Do (Chair Yoga)

Welcome Veda’s Gentle 60-minute class! Please sit in a comfortable chair, without arms, to begin your practice. We will move from seated relaxations and seated warm-up stretches to carefully guided gentle Amrit Yoga postures. If you plan to stand up for these, you may...


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