Welcome Veda’s Gentle 60-minute class!

Please sit in a comfortable chair, without arms, to begin your practice.

  • We will move from seated relaxations and seated warm-up stretches to carefully guided gentle Amrit Yoga postures.
  • If you plan to stand up for these, you may wish to place a yoga mat in front of your chair before you begin. If you wish to remain seated, follow the instructions, as best you can, from your chair.
  • This practice concludes with a brief IAM Yoga Nidra experience or a breath meditation, seated back in your chair. Remain in this meditative state for as long as you wish.
  • Recall the intention of this practice. Pay careful attention. Move as skillfully as your body allows today. Use breath and awareness to maintain and/or move back into evenness of mind.
  • And please join me, before we begin, in thanking Yogi Desai and his teacher Swami Kripalu for this gift of their teachings.