When You Change Your Relationship With Yourself, Your Relationship With The Outer World Changes With You

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Most people do not know that their relationship with their partner is mirroring the relationship they have with themselves. This relationship between you and yourself is built in the form of reactively built energy blocks in your feeling body in the form of attraction to pleasurable and fear of painful memory events of the past. 

This conflict creating, stress producing, separative memory events are built in your feeling body. Your external relationships with people, places, and life situations are perceived through the emotional memory stress built in the feeling body in the form of energy blocks. Whenever you are interacting with someone in the outer world, the subjective perceiver cannot see who is present now as it is. On the contrary the person that is present now triggers the look-a-like memory event from your past. This means you are not interacting with the person who is present now. It is your look-a-like memory event that is interacting with the person who is present. 

This means the person who is present now is not for you or against you. But as long as you identify yourself with your thoughts about the person present now you are reliving the reincarnated painful, stressful, traumatic memory event from the past. This means if you are unhappy with your present relationship with your husband or wife, even if you divorce yourself from them, it does not free you from the memory event of the past that is being repeated with the new relationship.

This is why the practice of yoga of relationships focuses on how to dismantle and disengage from the toxic memory stress built into your feeling body in the form of energy blocks. When you attempt to change your external relationship as a solution to the old relationship you are changing the effect. Therefore, the cause survives and reappears in the new relationship. 

The ego mind that we identify with is in subjective, reactive interaction with the outer world. That means his subjectively recreating the external relationship with others and the outer world of live situation he faces. This is why the practice of I AM Yoga® of conscious relationships focuses on transforming your relationship with yourself. 

This means that when you identify with your time bound ego mind rooted in the memory blocks in the feeling body you are subjective reactive perceiver of the objective reality that is present and whole now. When you witness and withdraw the reactive perceiver you are non-reactive, choice less, responsive perceiver to the person or an object that is present now. 

This means when the reactive subject perceiver vanishes the reactively perceived object vanishes. When you solve the problem within of the conflict creating relationship you are no longer the reactive perceiver you have replaced it with the timeless presence that can see the other as they are. This explains the popular statement that when you change the whole world changes with you.

— Yogi Amrit Desai



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