Rest & Relaxation

An opportunity to step away from a stressful modern lifestyle into an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation that will leave you feeling balanced and inspired!

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We are not currently accommodating on-site guests to prioritize the wellbeing of the global community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to be kept up to date about changes to this policy.

while you’re here

We offer daily yoga Monday through Friday (Yoga not available on some weekends and during Thanks giving and Christmas holiday break),  a health conscious diet, massage services, health consults, peace and quiet, space for introspection.

yoga & meditation

Our community practices yoga & meditation at least twice daily (Monday through Friday). With a hatha yoga posture class in the mornings, and a noontime guided meditation, called yoga nidra.

i am wellness™ center

Our healing arts therapists are standing by with multiple types of massage, holistic health consults and more. You can learn more, or book an appointment before you arrive here.

vegetarian meals

Our chef and kitchen staff preprare delicious vegetarian meals. The food we serve is vegetarian and organic, and from local sources such as local farm, Crone’s Cradle Conserve.

introspective study

We practice silence from the hours of 10pm to 10am daily, giving an opportunity for introspection and self-study in alignment with our core principles.

treat yourself

Our R&R program is a powerful way to restore your peace of mind and well-being. Through the daily practice of yoga, yoga nidra and healthy diet you will activate the innate healing wisdom of your body.

reduce stress

Stress is an epidemic. It has been identified as the cause of many illnesses and addictions. We provide a practical approach to managing stress through yoga and meditation classes that are accessible to everyone.

balance diet

How often have you tried to change your diet and failed? Once, twice, always? We get it. And we can help. Our meals are all organic, vegetarian and served hot daily. We take the effort out of eating healthy!

bring it home

We don’t just provide a temporary reprive from your stressful life. We empower people with tools and techniques to take relief, relaxation and balance home and into your daily life. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, we know you will find something that helps you make a profound shift in your health and well-being.

stress is an epidemic.
Yoga can help.

The numbers

are clear.

“Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.”

-Source: Mayo Clinic


People who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress


people who Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress

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“Wow- from beautiful grounds, to incredible vegetarian food, to fabulous instructors and programs, plus top notch body treatments, this is the place to go…”


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Amrit Yoga Institute
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Banjo’s World
Banjo’s World
03:12 23 Jan 22
This is a beautiful property and very peaceful but there is no yoga classes any longer so if you decide to stay, you... are on your own. I knew that going there so it’s not a more
Carol Confino
Carol Confino
01:06 14 Oct 21
My experience with the classes here was exceptional. Great teachers and such a rich tradition. I learned a lot not just... for teaching but also for my more
23:25 10 Aug 21
I am shocked to read the ONE negative review which is what came up first. Why discredit this beautiful place?I resided... at the Ashram in Lenox/Stockbridge Mass. (and prior to that in PA) for over 12 years and also became part of the ashram community in Salt Springs, Florida for several months. I can tell you this negative comment is full of lies - please ignore it and read all the other positive comments. I found Yogi Desai, his children Kamini and Malay, and most of the rest of the staff to be extremely accommodating, loving and kind individuals who truly serve the people who go to them..Gurudev (Yogi Desai) had a HUGE POSITIVE EFFECT on my life and I find his Ashrams to be a ''heaven on earth', well worth a visit IF you are sincerely looking for spiritual guidance as to how to take responsibility and change YOURSELF, instead of going through life blaming everyone and everything else for our unhappiness. This family is very special, they have a deep karmic connection with Spirit. When we immerse ourselves in this spiritual energy for any period of time, our demons surface so that we can choose to deal with them, or not. I feel I am a much happier and stronger person than when I first moved into that Ashram and I loved it, it was a truly amazing experience.Now I'll hit the sort button to bring up the best first!!!read more
April Qureshi
April Qureshi
21:13 16 Jun 20
The teachers at the Amrit Yoga Institute are loving, caring and totally immersed in the yoga lifestyle. The ancient... teachings are transmitted with attention to detail and are delivered in a way that makes them applicable to our modern world. Yoga nidra training has changed my life for the better. I'm relaxed and able to deal with life issues without overreacting, clearing out past trauma and learning how to be in the moment and be with life as it happens, with ease and in the flow. I've been privileged to participate in the I AM Yoga Nidra certification and Kids programs as well as Meditation in Motion Immersion. John Vosler, Hasu Marney Coulter, Heather Indu Eilering, Ramdas Ormond, and Renu Diane Zagoria are wonderful people and teachers who have your best interests at heart. I felt supported and loved all along the way. Gurudev Shri Amritji and Yogeshwari Kamini Desai Ph.D. are brilliant leaders in the modern yoga world. This is THE PLACE to immerse yourself in yoga. I'll be back for the advanced Yoga Nidra training in the fall. Many blessings and many thanks! Darshanaread more
Carey Sir
Carey Sir
23:15 13 Apr 20
Top Notch Training. I did the 10 day Yoga Nidra training--totally exceeded my expectations!
Jeannette Okie
Jeannette Okie
22:03 11 Mar 20
I just completed the I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training. It was an amazing experience. The quality of the course and... all the teachers are indeed outstanding. The teachings are a blessing and the clarity with which they are shared is just beautiful. True yoga the way it was meant to more
Lenora Morse
Lenora Morse
18:07 20 Feb 20 come see for yourself 🙏
Beth Falkenhagen
Beth Falkenhagen
14:45 17 Feb 20
This place is the real deal. Gurudev and his daughter, Kamini, have spent their lives teaching and living yoga with... love, passion, and sincerity. If you are serious about understanding the practice of yoga, the techniques, the history, the theories, the philosophy any of their workshops will serve you more
Marie Lynah
Marie Lynah
00:27 02 Feb 20
For the price, this is a nice place. The spartan rooms are comfortable and clean and the vegetarian food was mostly... delicious- heavy on the salt. We didn't come for a program, but rather to enjoy the yoga retreat and massage services, and beautiful property. Shortly before arriving I learned that we were not allowed to attend any of the yoga classes, the only yoga space was reserved for the weekend. They suggested as an alternative I could take a mat to the dock and do my own practice. If the weather was nicer that may have been an option. I didn't come to a yoga retreat center to do a private practice. At the very least I would have hoped for a side room or yurt or gazebo, but definitely expected to have the opportunity to attend at least one class during our 3 days. As an additional sour note, our rooms were across a highway from the main buildings, I would have loved a better path along side it rather than walking through mud and grass. Maybe some creative landscaping to block some of the noise from the local bar and dogs barking.I do have to say the nearby salt springs were lovely. Overall it seems a better choice to come here for a more
Yvette Sechrist McGlasson
Yvette Sechrist McGlasson
13:41 29 Oct 19
There is something profoundly peaceful about the Amrit Yoga Institute, not just for discovering the inner practice of... yoga, meditation or that it's a nurturing place to do that deep inner dive, peeling back the layers of daily life in "the big city" in order to reveal our true nature. No matter what your background or belief system, the moment you step onto the grounds, you can feel the reverence and a hush falls upon your shoulders. You are in the heart of the Ocala National forest, embraced by towering trees, plenty of wild life including the hooting owls at night ... I encourage anyone who has a desire to know the Divine within, enter and more
Ilana Melgarejo
Ilana Melgarejo
18:30 18 Aug 19
This is truly one of the most beautiful piece of property on the planet. Situated right on lake Kerr. Many places to... sit and enjoy the gardens, butterflies, and other wild life. Peaceful and enjoy sacred silence from 10 p.m. until 9 a.m.The programs are thought with a heart centered perspective from well educated individuals.The food is phenomenal 👌read more
Sonya Hanlin
Sonya Hanlin
01:55 29 May 19
The teachings of Amrit yoga have transformed my life. Through the Amrit method of yoga therapy I was able to heal from... 20+ years of major depression and anxiety. The trainings offered are profound and take you to the truth of who you are. The Amrit Yoga Institute is a sanctuary of peace and healing. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make true transformation in their more
Scott Arena
Scott Arena
01:43 07 Apr 15
Simply the most profound training's I have ever experience. I am so grateful for the teachings and learning the ability... to live more free and outside of my pre-programmed habitual past. I have stopped doing so many of the things that I habitually did because it was what everyone else was doing, or because it was socially conditioned into me or because I was being driven by lack. I am now much more free to act in accordance with the natural intelligence of the universe! Thank you!read more
Vincent Dowd
Vincent Dowd
20:15 08 Sep 14
I had taken yoga since 2003 and thought yoga was about poses (Asana). I knew there was some pieces missing in Western... Yoga- but boy I did not know the pieces that were missing were basically the engine to the car. Amrit Yoga uses the Integrative Amrit Method ( I AM) which allows one to find and reconnect with the true essence of "I" The location is on a serene lake and beautiful place with a deer that comes up and lets you pet it. You rediscover yourself through these teachings and to have an original Guru be part of the teachings put this far and ahead of other programs. I would say if you want to learn more about you and to find the true state of bliss we so tern for go to Amrit more
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How do i schedule my body work treatments & whats available?
Good question. You can view our services and make your appointments online before arriving by at or speak to our helpful staff once you’ve arrived and they can assist you.
What else is there to do around there?
We are blessed to be surrounded by limitless hiking trails, fresh-water springs and are situated on the shores of Florida’s second largest fresh water lake.
How full will my schedule be?
As an R&R guest, you have the luxury of making your own schedule. We typically offer yoga at 7am and yoga nidra meditation at 12:15pm, but these times can vary during programs. Lunch is also usually at 12:30pm and dinner at 5:30pm but these times can vary slightly so it’s best check in with our staff while you’re here.
What if i want to bring a group?

No problem! Please sign up for a group day visit by clicking here.

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