• Shared Room/Shared Bathroom (Forest Side - Goddess) – $650.00
  • Private Room/Shared Bathroom (Forest Side - Goddess) – $795.00

Date & Time Details: October 31-November 3, 2024 4-6pm check in March 28, 2024 1:00pm check out March 31, 2024

Location: Amrit Yoga Institute (Forest Side)

Address: 12409 NE 238 Ave, Fort McCoy, FL, USA

Contact: AYI Admissions
[email protected]

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Coming Full Circle: A Goddess Reunion Retreat

With Tarah (Nicola de Lisser) and Raksha (Caroline de Lisser)

October 31 - November 3, 2024


“The first time that I met Gurudev was when I was 18 years old. My mother took me to a retreat of his in Florida. It was over Easter and Gurudev spoke about Christ and I remember saying to my mother, “All those years of Catholic school and going to church and it has taken an Indian Guru to explain to me the meaning of Easter.”

Now here we are 46 years later and it’s Easter once again with Gurudev.  Raksha (Caroline)

You are invited by special invitation to a goddess re-union.

Nicky and I attended his 91st birthday celebration recently and it was such grace to be in his presence which was so sweet and so deep. It was a joyful reunion and he asked us to do a goddess retreat there just like old times and of course we said yes excitedly…

So this isn’t just a Goddess retreat, we see this as a special opportunity to also sit in darshan with Gurudev, a living master and one of the last representatives of an ancient Shiva lineage. It’s a chance to express our gratitude and as always learn from his deep well of wisdom.

So yes it is time to reconnect on all levels with the support of the sisterhood…

No doubt we have all grown, discovered more about ourselves and are eager to take the next step.

A new portal of self realisation is opening for all who are connected whether for the first time or for years. Do you feel the call?

During this retreat we will embody the secrets of yoga, distilled down to its pure essence, using these techniques to rejuvenate, recharge, heal, balance, & to reveal our joyful source within.

This will be a retreat of self celebration, a rebirth and magical discovery…

Whether you are feeling the need for a new more authentic direction or just feeling the need to be in supportive light energy that will be healing and nurturing for yourself, this retreat will be a very special opportunity for re-connection on all levels. We look forward to being in sacred circle with you once again.

Our curriculum includes:

  • DAILY YOGA (as an entry to the healing wisdom of your body)
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES (that open and energize your body).
  • MEDITATION (to connect you with your inner Goddess source)

Prices are all inclusive: goddess retreat, meals, accomodations. We optionally have 4 private rooms available first come, first serve. All rooms otherwise shared with another goddess. Register soon, this retreat will likely fill quickly.

Lead Teachers

Tarah (Nicola de Lisser)
is a certified Kripalu and Amrit yoga instructor, Shamanic energy healer, West Indian art dealer, manager of The Wharf House guest and retreat centre, certified massage therapist and chef. Nicola also organises and leads very popular tours and spiritual pilgrimages to India.
Learn more about Tarah (Nicola de Lisser)
Raksha (Caroline de Lisser)
is a certified Amrit yoga instructor, Shamanic practitioner, introspective hypnotist, Past life therapist, artist, writer, visionary and Priestess Midwife for connecting to the Goddess source.
Learn more about Raksha (Caroline de Lisser)