Your ego, is constantly creating and re-entertaining your pre-programmed perceptions of the past. This impedes the flow of energy throughout the chakras, and deprives the body of the self-healing, self-balancing power of prana.

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Manifest vs. Unmanifest Reality

 You can’t enhance or diminish what is present; you can only acknowledge and embrace it. But ego-mind will fight with, run from or attempt to modify what is present. The mind, conditioned by social norms and personal likes and dislikes, lives in dualistic conflicts in...

From Crises to Consciousness

 The greatest opportunity for transformation as individuals and as a planet comes in moments of crisis. While times of prosperity and stability promote only superficial shifts, crisis shakes the foundation of safety and comfort we are accustomed to, calling for...

Yoga Nidra is the marriage of science and spirit- a transformative technique whose powerful healing qualities transcend all aspects of your being.

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Breath: The Energy Bridge

Breath meditation is a powerful technique to bring what you think, feel and do into harmony and balance. Automatic breathing in and out is a biological process. When this same action is done with total awareness, that same breath is one that brings life-initiating,...

As long as you judge yourself, you believe you are that. As long as you judge people, you are believing that is who you are. Judging yourself manifests in the judgment of other people. There is no difference.

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