Self-concepts drive your perceptions and evaluations of people, places and things. Your perceptions are limited to “I am not good enough as I am.” That’s not true nor is it real. That is your conditioned past, that you identify with, that was programmed into you. That’s not who you are. That’s when you feel like you’re lacking, deficient, and not good enough.

The Power to Accept Yourself

The self-image says, don’t accept yourself because you need to change yourself, because it perceives you are not good enough. So how do you go back to who you are? That is difficult to see and it’s difficult for ego to believe. That begins with accepting yourself as you are and not believing in the concepts about people and about yourself.

Only when you accept everything as it is, your mind will be calm, you will be relaxed, and you will not judge yourself or anything else. You will judge nothing. As non-judgment happens through the light of the witnessing presence, you begin to feel relaxed. The more relaxed you get, the more integrated you become and the closer you go to the Source that you are in you. That’s how simple it is.

What you are looking for will come from within you. Jai Bhagwan!

~Gurudev Shri Amritji