I AM Yoga Therapy™ 

800 Hour Yoga Therapy Training

Program Director Hasu Marney Coulter

Transfering from SWIHA?

Here’s a few thing to to concider when thinking about transfering from SWIHA to our IAYT Accredited, 800 hour I AM Yoga Therapy™  training.

How to Apply Transfer Credits

Our program allows transfer credits for the following curriculum if taken in 2013 or later:

  1. I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training (prior to 2013 is allowed for this module only)
  2. I AM Yoga Therapy™ Body Psychology Training
  3. Integral Breath Therapy Training
  4. I AM Yoga Nidra™ Advanced Training
  5. I AM Yoga® Advanced Training: Meditation in Motion
  6. Anatomy and Physiology from a professional school (31 of 67 hours eligible for transfer)

Transfer Policy (Recognition of Prior Learning):

If you have already completed some of the I AM Modules listed in the 800 hour program through AYI or approved senior teachers, you may be considered for transfer of up to 300 hours into the program. If seeking to have credit for modules transferred, you need to have graduated in 2013 or later. Trainings taken prior to 2013 do not meet the IAYT competencies. Yoga Nidra professional training is the only exception and you may apply to transfer that module prior to 2013.

When applying to the program, you will be asked to describe how you have been using each modality since being certified. You will need to provide information that demonstrates to us that you have been using the modality and have knowledge, experience and skill in this area. This includes personal practice as well as experience teaching classes, workshops, trainings or facilitating individual private sessions since your year of certification.

Transfer credit is not guaranteed and is based on your continued use of, familiarity, and experience with the modality. After reviewing your application, we may recommend a module be retaken at 50 percent off tuition.

For I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training graduates prior to 2013, you are required to document 100 hours of continuing education in I AM Yoga Nidra™ teaching and practice. 50 hours or less are to be from personal practice or continuing education. These 50 hours may include the following: I AM Yoga Nidra™Advanced Training, I AM Yoga Nidra™ weekends, workshops or retreats. The remaining 50 or more hours need to reflect facilitating in group settings, individual settings, or teaching (workshops, classes, trainings).

For Anatomy and Physiology The course must be taken with a creditable school and apply to IAYT competency 2.1.1* with a minimum of 31 hours studying the following topics: Organization of the body, the skeletal system, the muscular system, hematology, blood vascular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, urinary system, endocrine system, female/male reproductive system, integumentary system.

*Competency 2.1.1 Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, including all major systems of the body and their interrelationships, as relevant to the work of a yoga therapist.

As part of the application process you must turn in a written report which includes a summary of each system of the body including but not limited to location, structure, function and relationships. This report will be assessed on accuracy and clarity. This is in addition to your transcripts from a professional school.

If accepted, you will be excused from completing 31-hours of Module 6: Anatomy and Physiology which relates directly to competency 2.1.1 as defined above. You will be required to complete all other portions of Module 6 including Applied Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Psychological Principles for Yoga Professionals.



* Application is reviewed by our Program Director. You will receive notice of approval or rejection within 30 days of submission of your application. Recognition of Prior learning is not guaranteed. After reviewing your application, we may recommend a module be retaken at 50% off tuition. Anyone granted transfer credit will still need to make up any material that was added/changed/adapted during the IAYT accreditation process. Most changes are related to practicum assignments which must be completed to fulfill IAYT requirements.

*According to IAYT standards, students need to complete at least 500 hours of the AYI accredited program and may only transfer up to 300 hours.

Application Process for Transferring All Modules Listed:


  1. Fill out the 800 Hour I AM Yoga Therapy™ application here and list the programs you would like considered for transfer credit and the year you took them. There is a save function in the application form so you may have time to complete all the required portions. We will ask you to upload your certificates, and type or paste in the anatomy written report if you are applying for Anatomy and Physiology transfer credit.
  2. Application is reviewed by our Program Director.
  3. You will receive notice of approval or rejection within 30 days of submission of your application.

What Will You Get Out of This?

  • Make double use of courses that are already in your educational track at SWIHA and get credit for the 800 hour Yoga Therapy track too!
  • An 800 hour Yoga Therapist carries credibility and distinguishes you among others.
  • An IAYT accredited program is respected by both the Yoga and Medical field. IAYT is actively working with the medical field to be able to refer clients to yoga therapy and even bill insurance for yoga therapy. This is not yet realized, but that is the goal. As these become realized, the standards will only become higher.

Transfer Credits

Through transfer credits, we can accept students into the program if they completed courses from 2013 onwards.* For Yoga Nidra you may still qualify for transfer credit if you took the training before 2013. Please see transfer credit policy on this page.

You may transfer all or some of these listed below and still be within the allowable 300 transfer credit hours. Besides the programs listed below, we do not accept transfer credit for any other programs. 

  • I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training (offered at SWIHA)
  • Yoga Body Psychology Training at (offered at SWIHA)
  • Integral Breath Therapy Training  (Level I currently offered at SWIHA – as a workshop)
  • I AM Yoga Nidra Advanced Training  (offered at  SWIHA)
  • I AM Yoga Advanced Training: Meditation in Motion 
  • Anatomy and Physiology* (32 of 67 hours eligible for transfer)

The total cost of the Yoga Therapy program is detailed here. However, whatever programs you have already completed of the modules above may be transferred in and do not need to be paid for.  The enrollment fee is $400. $350 is refunded if denied ($50 admin fee is held).  Once accepted you only need to enroll and pay for each module as you do them. You do not need to pay this entire amount ahead of time. Once enrolled in the 800 hour program you will be eligible to receive 10% off AYI modules in addition to early bird rates. This only applies to programs taken at Amrit Yoga Institute. AYI does not accept Financial Aid and is a cash pay program.  You can apply for scholarships here.

Our Recommended Order of Completion

Contact our assistant director ([email protected]) will advise you regarding adjustments needed to fit your schedule. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

  1. When possible, we suggest you take Modules 1-6 in that order. Each has their own practicum homework portion you will need to complete before taking the next module.
  2. Then begin the distance learning Modules 7 & 8.
  3. Module 1-8 must be completed before going on to 9 (Putting It All Together).
  4. Module 10 Practicum may only begin after completion after ALL other modules.

Which Courses Taken at SWIHA Count Towards the 800 hour training?

Table Guide:

  • Courses offered at SWIHA
  • Possible trainings offered at SOY
  • Courses offered at Amrit Yoga Institute
  • Courses offered Online
Prerequisite Any 200 hour RYS Yoga Teacher Training
Module 1 I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training
Module 2  General Assessment
Module 3 I AM Yoga Therapy™ Body Psychology
Module 4 I AM Yoga Nidra™ Advanced Training
Module 5** Integral Breath Therapy Training
Module 6 I AM Yoga™ Advanced Training: Meditation in Motion 
Module 7 Principles of Ayurveda
Module 8 General Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Applied Psychology
Module 9 Putting It All Together
Module 10 Practicum

*If you took a 200-hour yoga training in a tradition other than Amrit Yoga you are required to register for and successfully complete the online course “The Posture of Consciousness Intensive”. Teachers must have one year teaching experience, and one year of personal practice which may occur concurrently.

**In process (Level I IBT is now offered at SWIHA, working on bringing the rest of the program)

**NOTE: Additional practicum assignments are required after most modules to fulfill IAYT requirements for courses taken at SWIHA.

Program hours are general approximates.

General Overview of Practicum Assignments

Module 1: I AM Yoga Nidra Training (YO401-404)

6 individual Yoga Nidra sessions. Note: YO 409 Practicum sessions conducted at the end of YBP SWIHA count towards these required 6 sessions provided the correct documentation forms are used.

Module 2: General Assessment

Research and development of protocol

Module 3: Yoga Body Psychology (YO421-424)

8 sessions & 1 case study (8 sessions with one client).

Note: YO 425 Practicum sessions count towards these required 8 sessions provided the correct documentation forms are used.

Module 4: I AM Yoga Nidra Advanced Training (YO405-406)

1 case study (4 Advanced Yoga Nidra sessions with one client), 1 report & recording of Yoga Nidra created for designated clinical condition. 

Module 5: Integral Breath Therapy Training

4 exchanges, 1 case study (8-10 sessions with one client), 4 one-hour live supervision video calls

Module 6: Advanced Training: Meditation in Motion

Facetime/Zoom teaching review, four documented group yoga therapy classes.

Module 7: Principles of Ayurveda Research and development of protocol.  Students provided case history of mock clients. 

Module 8: General Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Applied Psychology 

In class-assignments as well as Research and development of protocols overseen by mentor. 

Module 9: Putting it all together

Students to create and teach one 3-class yoga therapy series with focus on a designated condition, plus short video/zoom presentation of series.

Module 10: Independent Practicum:  Video Record 2 complete yoga therapy sessions, conduct three Case Studies (8 sessions per client), present overview of one case study, live via Zoom. 

Total Practicum Hours: 150 in compliance with IAYT standards. Assignments include some hours fulfilled over and above 150 hours which count towards practicum preparation as defined by IAYT.

* This is a general overview. Assignments are not fully outlined.

What Do I Need to Do After Becoming a Yoga Therapist?

  1. After certification: You need to be an IAYT member to maintain certification and fulfill the Continuing Education requirements. You need to Submit at least 24 hours of IAYT approved continuing education within the 3 year period.