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Date & Time Details: Program check-in starts at 1PM. Welcome Yoga begins at 4PM. Program ends at noon of the final day.

Location: Amrit Yoga Institute

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Sangeet Bhakti Sadhana

with Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D, Partha Bose, Indranil Mallick, Zorg Ztocouc, Susanne Goldenstein and Jen and Conrad

April 11 - 14, 2019

The Heart Path of Enlightenment through Sacred Music

Hosted by Stuart Sovatsky PhD, Author of the Amazon bestseller “Advanced Spiritual Intimacy”

Program Description

Special Note: There will be private sessions at “Bhakti Cave,” 12223 NE 236th Terrace, Salt Springs, FL 32134. These private sessions are free and the are not officially part of the Amrit Yoga Institute or the campus and the location is not owned or insured by AYI. If you choose to attend these beautiful events during your free time, transportation will be provided by Stuart Sovatsky’s team (10 minute walk, 2 minute drive) and coordinated on site.

Sangeet Bhakti Yoga is the music of human feelings—from the most despairing longings to the most sublime ecstasies, whereby we become equal to the expanse of life itself, we attain Yoga, or Union.

Whether through soaring and swooning voices and bhakti-animated asana-dances or impassioned instrumental playing and listening, we feel ever more empathically the full-spectrum of life, ever-stretching into that expansive Embrace that is Bhakti Bhava Enlightenment.

Our second Sangeet Bhakti Sadhana Retreat will be a community-building journey from early-morning asana classes to mid-morning and afternoon community sessions on Tantric Kirtan, Births-Memorials Lineage Puja with Gurudev Amritji, Native American and Indic Fire Ceremonies, Didj and Electronica-Rock-Kirtanica, Infinite-Admiration Puja and How to Meditate on Indian Classical Music.

Thursday and Friday evenings will climax with Sangeet Bhakti-Tantra Sadhana Meditation-Concerts with anahatanad kirtanist, Stuart Sovatsky and didj-digital music master Zorg Ztocouc and other special guests while Saturday evening will feature our third Sangeet Sadhana with world-class sitarist, Partha Bose and tablaist, Indranil Mallick, with 96 years of combined sangeet-tantra sadhana experience. Please check the Amrit Institute webpage for regular updates.

Stuart Sovatsky, Retreat Producer, began sacred chanting in 1960 in Hebraic nigune with Cantor Max Rubin of the Krakow Conservatory and in 1976 in anahata-nad via nabho mudra [tongue-quivery-vocalizing mudra] initiation with Swami Kripalvanand. He was first to bring chanting into schools and juvenile lockups in 1976, was secretly flow to Slovenia to chant over the dying chairman of Unaligned Nations of the World, J. Drnovsec and was the first American to chant with South African shamans in 2012. A bestselling author with scholarly articles on suicidal thinking, kundalini maturation and Indic influences in psychology, with over 30000 counseling hours transforming troubled relationships and spiritual crises, he co-convened a 40-country World Family Conference in India where he chanted benedictions for S S Ravi Shankar and L Santem representing the Dalai Lama and at conferences throughout Europe, Russia and India. He has four CD’s and over 100 performances with senior Ali Akbar Khan percussionists with his 20-year San Francisco band, Axis Mundi.


Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D
Scholar-in-Residence Stuart (Piyush) Sovatsky brings a heart-centered wealth of knowledge through his own personal experience of our lineage as well as a lifetime of experience as a leading psychologist, bestselling author, researcher and lecturer. Degreed in Religion from Princeton University with contracted publications with Columbia University Press and SUNY Press, Stuart has created events with The Office of the Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, BKS Iyengar and Robert Thurman. Widely respected for 45 years of clinical experience with “spiritual emergence” and as a pioneer of “incarceration yoga” recognized by Ram Dass Prison Ashram, he is an Acharya (spiritual leader) on tantric and bhakti yogas, kirtanica and is called around the globe to lead others in his depth of wisdom, including private audiences with the Chair of Unaligned Nations of the World and with post-apartheid South African Healers. He is an expert on the history of the Lakulish-Kripalvanand-Desai Shaktipat Lineage…
Learn more about Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D
Partha Bose
Sitar maestro PARTHA BOSE is distinguished for performances in all 5 continents and his ability for communicating with listeners anywhere in the world, including major international festivals & reputed universities. A holistic approach to music finds Bose a frequent visitor at more than 40 YOGA and MEDITATION VENUES over USA/Canada/Europe. He was invited by the Government of India to lead a Cultural Delegation to African countries on the historic occasion of Golden Jubilee of India’s Independence. Partha Bose conceives MUSIC as the language of the SOUL which REMINDS US OF OUR SHARED HUMANITY.A recipient of numerous awards & titles, with a number of internationally produced CDs, Partha Bose describes himself as a student of music for the last 49 years.
Learn more about Partha Bose
Indranil Mallick
Tabla virtuoso INDRANIL MALLICK blends power, speed and a unique tonality as he makes the pair of percussion drums indulge in a magical dialogue with the SITAR. Widely acknowledged as a leading TABLA-PLAYER of his generation, Indranil’s reputation has spread across India, USA, Canada & Europe. His recent collaboration with Miles Davis Electric Band reflects his creativity in the area of WORLD MUSIC. Talent, virtuosity and youthful dynamism blend in perfect proportion to project INDRANIL MALLICK as a leading TABLA-PLAYER of his generation. Intensive training since the age of 5 under eminent masters including uncle MONTU MALLICK, Prof DHABOL BANDYOPADHYAY, Shri UTTAM CHAKRABORTY and currently, Maestro Pandit SWAPAN CHAUDHURI have shaped INDRANIL’s rich repertoire and justify his reputation in the national & international arena. INDRANIL has also distinguished himself in cross-over collaborations with western musicians including a recent project with Miles Davis Electric Band. INDIAN RADIO & TELEVISION have awarded…
Learn more about Indranil Mallick
Zorg Ztocouc
(Oxford University, Sanskrit, Kashmir Saivism), a Google consultant, digital composer and master didjeridoo player studied tantra with Swami Lakshmanjooin Kashmir. He trained as a teacher of TaKeTiNa with Reinhard Flatischler and in Cuban Bata drumming and jazz. He creates huge digital-sonic spaces for meditation, as in his “Cosmic Chanting” piece below.
Learn more about Zorg Ztocouc
Susanne Goldenstein
Susanna Goldenstein is an electrifying hand-percussionist, performing Persian-style solo and ensemble drumming for over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally. A professional travel photographer and longtime project manager for Genentech, Susanna teaches heart-centered individual and group drumming.
Learn more about Susanne Goldenstein
Jen and Conrad
Jen and Conrad will once again [they moved us to tears of beauty at last year’s Bhakti Sadhana Retreat] lead and share with us Wacapi [Chant Drum Fire] Representing Cheyenne-Lakota people’s heritage and songs
Learn more about Jen and Conrad
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