Conscious Prosperity

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amrit_desaiProsperity cannot be measured by possessions. It can be measured only by who you are in the process of attaining them. Most people ignore what they do to themselves because they’re driven exclusively by what they think they want from the world or others. They cling to misbeliefs about prosperity that they learned from their parents or society. Their focus is object-bound – purely external. This false prosperity, created by the ego mind, is unconscious prosperity, otherwise known as success.

To enter conscious prosperity you must reconnect to yourself internally, in a conscious, moment-by-moment interaction with the external world. Very few people are fully conscious of the suffering they self-inflict in order to achieve. In fact, most successful people are essentially killing themselves with the conflict and stress they create inside while accumulating wealth and popularity outside. They sacrifice their peace of mind, relationships and health. Not everyone does this. Those who do may not do it all the time. This is what happens when the ego, separated from consciousness, is a loose cannon, unconsciously firing and backfiring.

This is why most people are perpetually in reactive conflict with other people and situations. Everything they encounter is a struggle—violence against everyone including themselves. When the mind is excessively engaged with external success and paying no attention to what is happening internally, the subconscious prana—precious life energy—hemorrhages into unconscious thoughts, emotions and actions.

You will see many successful people who are constantly irritated, frustrated, angry, fearful, insecure, fighting, withdrawing, denying, blaming, and shaming. Their prana is invested in “having” rather than “being.” As they strive to become happy they become unhappy in the process. They identify with what they have rather than who they are—using their life energy to abuse themselves, while reinforcing a separated self-image that remains in conflict within the conscious self. This is why most people retire in ill health from self-generated stress leading to heart attacks, liver disease and all kinds of troubles.

Let’s say you are entering a yoga posture. If bullied by your ego mind, you will be anxious to achieve the pose at any cost, focusing on how it looks externally while ignoring how it feels internally. In the process you injure yourself, ending up with success outside and suffering inside. But when you enter the posture of consciousness, you maintain inner harmony with external situations. In conscious prosperity, you are an integrated being in continuous response with what you are doing in each moment.

What you have cannot give you who you are. Prosperity is a manifestation of consciousness, not the other way around. You must learn to put the horse before the cart. Consciousness is the horse, and then, along the way, the cart gets filled with what you want.

Money can buy many things, even relationships, but it cannot buy your relationship with yourself. What you own cannot fulfill you because you have separated from your conscious self in the process of possessing. This is known as the insanity of humanity. If you are unhappy within, nothing you gain externally will ever make you happy.

The only way to determine what will make you happy is by going inside. Your body is much more intelligent than your mind, so bring your breath and your awareness deep into the body. Move from the thinking center into the feeling center. Then ask yourself what you really want. Become very quiet, very still, and wait for the answer. Give yourself plenty of time. You will know when the answer comes because everything suddenly becomes obvious. You will feel the energy surging from your unconscious and integrating into your consciousness with crystal-clear intention and purpose.

The moment you identify what it is that you truly want, you connect to the infinite source of power within and everything you want will follow. Then external work becomes inner work simultaneously. Once you become conscious, your ego mind is dismantled and you enter conscious prosperity. Trust that you can do this. Conscious prosperity is available to everyone.

— Yogi Amrit Desai

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