Choiceless Awareness: the Key to Non-reactive Presence

Choiceless Awareness: the Key to Non-reactive Presence

Knowing yourself is not the same as knowing about yourself. Whatever you know about yourself is a mental construct. Your entire past, your age, profession, acquired conditioned thoughts, feelings, self-image and karma body with all its content is not you. You are the...

Your ego, is constantly creating and re-entertaining your pre-programmed perceptions of the past. This impedes the flow of energy throughout the chakras, and deprives the body of the self-healing, self-balancing power of prana.

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Manifest vs. Unmanifest Reality

You can’t enhance or diminish what is present. You can only acknowledge and embrace it. But ego-mind will fight with, run from or attempt to modify what is present. The mind, conditioned by social norms and personal likes and dislikes, lives in dualistic conflicts in...