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We are a global community dedicated to embodying the authentic practices of yoga in service of the evolution of humanity.  We offer online and in-person transformational education and professional accreditation in the field of yoga, yoga nidra, yoga therapy and conscious living. We are a highly reviewed and accredited yoga school offering curriculums in alignment with Yoga Alliance 200, 300 and 500 curriculums. We welcome you to begin, continue or deepen your journey into the rich, esoteric roots of yoga and meditation with our global energetic sangha!

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A global network dedicated to teaching & embodying the authentic wisdom of yoga in service of humanity.

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The Esoteric Depths of Yoga Nidra

The Esoteric Depths of Yoga Nidra

Everything you can see, feel, and experience is made up of energy. All matter, all experiences, all sensations, all life-giving and autonomic functions are carried out through energy’s innate intelligence in accordance with universal law. This means that the same...

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Creating an Internal, Safe Space for Healing with Yoga Nidra

Creating an Internal, Safe Space for Healing with Yoga Nidra

Trauma is injury to the nervous system. The impact of the event flooded our systems with too much, too fast, too soon. Without the right tools, time and space to make sense of the event and assimilate, the unresolved memory replays itself over and over again inside...

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Replenish and Re-energize with Yoga Nidra

Replenish and Re-energize with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practice that can help replenish and re-energize our systems in real time, helping to offset the inherent risks associated with chronic, long-term stress accumulation. Not all stress is bad and can be as simple as a demand on the system that propels us...

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