Veda Lewis

Veda has been guiding classes in Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra in the Gainesville area for over a decade. She assists at the Amrit Yoga Institute and travels nationally and internationally to help share the teachings of Yogi Desai. She is ever grateful for the support of Yoga in her life, as well as for the opportunities this lifestyle has offered to share what she has been given.

Practice with Veda Lewis | Experience Meditation in Motion

Yoga & Yoga Nidra Experiences with Veda

Enjoy these resources! All you need is:

  • Comfortable place to sit – Chair or Cross-Legged
  • Floor space in front of you
  • The intention to allow yourself this time for you

These practices draw your focused attention to body, breath and mind, using seated awareness, standing postures, breathwork and Yoga Nidra. They are portable. Use them at work, at home or any place you find appropriate.

Gentle 60-minute Yoga Class Anyone Can Do (Chair Yoga)

Welcome Veda’s Gentle 60-minute class! Please sit in a comfortable chair, without arms, to begin your practice. We will move from seated relaxations and seated warm-up stretches to carefully guided gentle Amrit Yoga postures. If you plan to stand up for these, you may...

Contact & Events

Veda Lewis

Veda Lewis

Senior I AM Teacher

Gainesville, Florida
Contact: Veda Lewis
Certification: Amrit Yoga Level I & II; Amrit Method Yoga Nidra
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 352-692-3922, 352-281-4168

Gainesville Class Schedule


Millhopper Public Library
3145 NW 43 Street, Gainesville FL

The Integrated Amrit Method- 15min Yoga Nidra relaxation, 45min guided Amrit Yoga—free class

*This class is open to all and is offered to the community as a way to connect with the Amrit Yoga Institute through Yogi Desai’s teachings. Come a few minutes early if you wish to borrow
a mat and/or talk over your practice.*


1. Oak Hammock Fitness Center
5100 SW 25th Blvd

15 min. Yoga Nidra, 15 min. seated stretches, 25 min. yoga postures, 5 min breath meditation

This class is offered only to residents of the Oak Hammock Retirement Village. We begin in the chair with Yoga Nidra and warmups and then move to the mat for Amrit Yoga postures and breathing practice.

2. Hobbit’s Glen Clubhouse
22nd Circle off NW 16th Terrace

The Conscious Crossover – transition into Meditation in Motion- free class

This class is intended to help transition from Amrit Yoga, Level 1, The Posture of Consciousness, where energy follows attention, to Meditation in Motion, where attention follows energy. Previous attendance in Amrit Yoga, Level 1 class required. Please see or contact me for more information.

*We use the slow motion prana exercise and various breath techniques to move into stillness and then continue with partially guided postures and pranic led movements. Class concludes with kapalabati variations and the quantum breath meditation.*


1. Hobbit’s Glen Clubhouse
22nd Circle off NW 16th Terrace

Meditation in Motion—free class

Previous attendance in Wednesday evening Conscious Crossover transition class required. Please see or contact me for more information

*We move into a deeper investigation of prana. Class begins with a group centering and then is self guided, allowing stillness, movement and sound as prompted . We conclude in stillness, followed by a brief reporting session.”

2. Downtown Public Library
401 E. University Ave, 4th Floor

15 min centering & Yoga Nidra relaxation, 45min Level I Amrit Yogafree class

*This class is open to all and is offered to the community as a way to connect with the Amrit Yoga Institute through Yogi Desai’s teachings. Come a few minutes early if you wish to borrow a mat and/or talk over your practice.*


1.Turkey Creek Forest Clubhouse
8620 NW 13St. (441 N)

15 min seated Yoga Nidra relaxation, 15 min seated stretches, 30 min. Gentle Amrit Yoga. Entire practice can be done seated in a chair—members request $3 donation.

*Offered, but not limited, to members of this retirement community as a practice in applying the teachings of Yoga to improving health and well-being*


Gainesville Health & Fitness, Women’s Center
Thornebrook Village
2441 NW 43 St
12:00- 1:30, for club members & guests,
(12-12:30 centering &Yoga Nidra,12:30-1:30 Level I).

You may attend either portion or all of this practice

*We begin with a 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice and from this relaxed state of consciousness, continue using Amrit Yoga and breathwork to explore energy following attention*

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