Indu Heather Eilering

Senior Training Faculty, Amrit Yoga Institute


Indu has devoted over a decade to supporting her students and clients in their quest to live healthy, vital, and fulfilling lives and in that process discover who they are. Her previous experience owning a yoga studio and current role at the Amrit Yoga Institute has allowed her to utilize her skills as an Amrit Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Integral Breath Therapist and Energy Worker to skillfully and compassionately support her students and clients to transform their lives. It is Indu’s love and devotion to being a yoga practitioner herself, and her connection to Amritji’s living Lineage that enables her to reveal its wisdom to her students in a joyful and powerful way. Indu lives in Michigan where she mentors and consults those interested in applying yoga and Ayurveda to their lives. Indu continues to create powerful programs and publications to support her student’s transformation and can be found across the globe working for the Amrit Yoga Institute as a Senior Yoga Trainer. To contact Indu: [email protected]

Events with Indu Heather Eilering

Posture of Consciousness Intensive: A Mentored Online Course
Open Dates

Discover the Yoga of Energy For trained Yoga Teachers of Any Tradition Learn new skills passed down from a living Guru to layer the principles and practices of I AM Yoga® The Posture of Consciousness (POC) into any yoga class. These teachings are based in ancient yogic wisdom brought into a modern hatha/raja yoga practice. I AM Yoga® POC offers you a fresh new way of exploring your yoga practice and teaching because it’s foundation rests on energy or prana. Learn new tools for your personal yoga practice and teaching! Understand the energetic purpose of the first and second halves of a yoga posture Cultivate Witness Consciousness to observe the subtle movement of prana in the body Discover the power of Press Points and Energetic Extensions when used in any posture Recognize experientially the energetic physics of energy following attention Master the energetics of the Edge, breaking the momentum of…


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