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I AM Yoga Therapy™

Training Pathway

This is a modular based program, allowing you to take programs over the course of 2 or more years. You can get started this year by checking out our upcoming modules list below. Programs you have already taken through the Amrit Yoga Institute can be credited towards this 800 hour program.



years minimum

Full List of Required Modules
PrerequisiteAny 200 hour RYS Yoga Teacher Training200 hours
Module 1I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training100 hours
Module 2I AM Yoga Therapy™ Training100 hours
Module 3Health and Lifestyle Principles100 hours
Module 4Integral Breath Therapy Training with Carol Lampman100 hours
Module 5I AM Yoga Nidra™ Advanced Training55 hours
Module 6Yoga Nidra for Kids and Schools55 hours
Module 7Anatomy of Asana & General Assessment65 hours
Module 8Practicum (teaching, reading & writing assignments)225 hours
Total800 hours


Upcoming Modules

I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training

Ideal for those who want to explore the power of Yoga Nidra, immersion and certification provide in-depth information and personal experience of this transformative technique. Immersion is for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the understanding and practice of Yoga Nidra. It is required for those wanting to go on to certification.

2018 Dates

February 9th

August 31st

+ On-the-Road 

With Kamini Desai & Senior Teachers

Integral Breath Therapy Training 

Integral Breath Therapy combines techniques from over 20 healing modalities. At the heart of this holistic model is Breathwork, a powerful approach that allows for the emergence and healing of issues on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. Thus, the Integral Breath Therapy training provides a variety techniques to help the client integrate and heal on all these planes.

2018 Dates
Part 1: March 8th
Part 2: June 28th
With Carol Lampman
Yoga Nidra for Kids & Schools Training

Prerequisite: I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training

The Yoga Nidra for Kids and Schools training will teach you how to be creative in delivering yoga nidra to kids, how to deliver to various age groups and to be a facilitator with the burgeoning TAKE A BREATH™ in school program. This simple, but transformational work is designed to very strategically and safely bring the power of Yoga Nidra into the school systems.

2018 Dates
April 20th
With Harshad & Uchita Thomlinson

I AM Yoga Therapy™ Training

In this training your training will be directed by C-IAYT certified Eastern and Western trained Yoga teachers and therapists into the wisdom of the body and the language of energy. Using the chakras as a basis you will learn about the anatomy of energy; how it gets blocked and how to use a very simple facilitation technique to release it.

2018 Dates 
July 31st
+ On-the-Road 
With Kamini Desai & Chitra Marie Bailey

I AM Yoga Nidra™ Advanced Training

Prerequisite: I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training

Using scriptural teachings of the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, and unique insights from our Lineage, we will explore the original teachings of Yoga Nidra as an esoteric and ancient mystical practice. You will understand more about the anatomy of the koshas and how they relate to the wisdom body, the ego and the Self.

2018 Dates
October 9th
With Kamini Desai PhD

We are currently a proud member school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

As such, completion of this training qualifies you to be a registered member of the IAYT and to call yourself an IAM Yoga Therapist.

It also means hours you accumulate with our training can be transferred to other IAYT 800 hour programs at the discretion of the school you are transferring to.

The Amrit Yoga Institute itself is in process of seeking accreditation with IAYT. If granted, accreditation will allow you to call yourself  an 800 hour IAYT accredited Yoga Therapist in addition to being an IAM Yoga Therapist. We hope to receive accreditation by the end of 2018. If accredited any hours you have already completed will count towards this IAYT designation.

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