The Amrit Yoga Institute

A Global Community Practicing Energetic Yoga & Meditation

We are a global community dedicated to embodying the authentic practices of yoga in service of the evolution of humanity. We offer online and in-person transformational education and professional accreditation in the field of yoga, yoga nidra, yoga therapy and conscious living.

Who are we

The Amrit Yoga Institute Is Dedicated To Furthering The Evolution Of Humanity

We hold a vision of a world in which humans live in harmonious interaction with themselves, each other and the world.

Our mission is to contribute to a global community dedicated to embodying and transmitting the authentic wisdom and experience of yoga to further the evolution of humanity.

The Amrit Yoga Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 institution that provides education in fields of yoga, meditation and health living. We serve local, organic, vegetarian cuisine and currently participate in a energy plan that ensures all of our power needs come from renewable resources.

We offer two definitave paths through our program. Practitioner & Faciliator.

We will guide you through the process to pick the path that is best for you.


Our organization is in service of helping people change their lives through the integrative power of yoga & meditation


Our programs are full-day, all-in affairs that empower you with an in-depth experience of life as a meditation in motion.


You leave our training courses with an accredited professional certification from a world-renowned yoga institute.


The body is a temple and none of this stuff matters if we don’t care for it! We are committed to healing from within—together.

the Practitioner

Daily Guidance For Your Spiritual Development

Through the practitioner pathway you will learn and create a foundation for sustained, consistent & lifelong spiritual practice through yoga, meditation, and specific energy & wisdom techniques of the Lakulish-Kripalu-Amrit Lineage.

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• A Community of like minded peers seeking spirtual growth

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the Facilitator

Your Journey of Becoming A Teacher Starts Here

Develop your role as an inspirational facilitator in the global community by sharing Amrit Yoga Institute’s authentic wisdom. Gain the skill(s) needed to help those in search for more purposeful living.

Education Tracks Include:

200-Hour Yoga Alliance

300-Hour Yoga Alliance

500-Hour Yoga Alliance

800-Hour International Association of Yoga Therapists

I AM Yoga Nidra Facilitator Pathway

Our 500+ hour Yoga Alliance® Certification Professional training is designed to help you work at the root of symptoms and not just the visible effects. 

Our 800+ hour I AM Yoga Therapy™ Professional training is designed to help you work at the root of symptoms and not just the visible effects. 

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Authentic Roots

The Integrative Amrit Methods are a unique distillation of ancient yogic secrets that were revealed by the renowned master of Kundalini Yoga, Swami Kripalu, to Amritji directly.

He has since innovated practices that authentically maintain their mystical eastern roots while being accessible and relevant to the western psyche. Amritji is the first to bring the unique aspect of the inner, meditative dimension of yoga to the West and seemlessly incorporate it into a popular hatha yoga practice.

A Master Of Yoga

Our founder, Gurudev Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai) is one of a handful of gurus who came to America from India in the early 1960s. This wave began the initial Yoga craze that has grown into the massive and diverse Yoga practices we have worldwide today.

Shri Amritji is one of the first arrivals and the last living guru from this initial wave, and a pioneer in bringing the authentic practices of Yoga to the West. He regularly gives lectures on yoga and meditation.

Continuing The Teachings

Having been raised in a yogic environment, Kamini Desai, PhD. has been practicing and teaching yoga throughout her entire life.

In recognition of her unwavering dedication and keen ability to communicate the ancient teachings of yoga, Gurudev Shri Amritji formally appointed Kamini as his successor in carrying the Lakulish Lineage forward. Considered an expert authority in Yoga Nidra, Kamini teaches and trains students professionally worldwide.

Today, she guides the direction for educational standards and curriculum development for I AM training programs.

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